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After I saw how :icondark-warrior95: did Jake's Relationships, I thought why not do the same thing. It describes the relationships my OC self has with other characters in Ethan: The Chain of the Past, Ethan: The S.H.I.E.L.D Agent, Ethan: Path of the Hero, Ultimate Defenders (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) and Ultimate Defenders GX (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5).

*Update: Jill Valentine's info.*

Zoey: Zoey is Ethan's love interest and the only one who understands him.

Lightning/Claire Farron: Lightning is Ethan's adoptive older sister, she can be overprotective of him when it comes to fangirls or girls that are selfish wanting to claim him.

Serah Farron: Serah is Ethan's adoptive sister.

Karai: Is Ethan's adoptive mother and is also one of his mentors who he learned martial arts from.

Ash Ketchum: Ash consider Ethan friendly rivalry but mostly a young brother to him.

Shadow the Hedgehog: Shadow is Ethan's close friend and brother who always looks out for him.

Amy Mizuno/Sailor Mercury: ideas open

Lita Kino/Sailor Jupiter: Lita shares a surrogate sister/brother relationship with Ethan.

Mewtwo: ideas open

Wonder Woman/Diana: Ethan sees her as his adoptive aunt and Diana sees Ethan as her adoptive nephew.

Vegeta: Vegeta is Ethan's chief rival who wishes to find out which of them is the strongest.

Goku: ideas open

Gohan: ideas open

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Ethan sees Batman/Bruce Wayne like a surrogate father to him and like him, they both lost someone dear to them at a young age.

Kasumi: Kasumi thinks Ethan is a worthy fighter and good ally in the tournament while Ethan is actually thinking the same thing for Kasumi.

Ayane: ideas open

Genie: ideas open

Aqua: Aqua has a crush on Ethan and also gets jealous when another girl gets too close to him.

Jaku: Jaku is Ethan's friend when hanging out with him and his friends including Zoey.

Penelope: ideas open

Peter Parker/Spider-Man: ideas open

Ava Ayala/White Tiger: ideas open

Sam Alexander/Nova: ideas open

Daniel Rand/Iron Fist: ideas open

Luke Cage/Power Man: ideas open

Selene: ideas open

Iago: At first, Ethan and Iago didn't like each other, in fact, they HATED each other. Ethan once trust Iago to help him on a mission, but the parrot has backstabbed him into a trap. But after seeing Ethan and the others in danger, Iago has decided to sacrifice himself in order to save them but fortunately the parrot survived. Later on, the two became friends.

Maxwell Smart/Agent 86: ideas open

Agent 99: ideas open

Laura Kinney/X-23: Both of them have been created or born by science and trained in martial arts but Ethan also sort of sense X-23's loneliness and depression because the way she was raised and treated by HYDRA. Feeling sorry for her and upset at what lengths Hydra has done, Ethan promises to help X-23 stop them and always be there for her if she needs it

Calli Tidwell: Ethan's older cousin who acts more of a older sister figure to him rather than cousin.

Alexis Rhodes: Alexis is one of Ethan's childhood friends when he was a kid.

Jill Valentine: Jill's in love with him and wants to claim his heart as she's known him the longest. She gets jealous when another girl gets too close to him. She can also be overprotective of him when it comes to fangirls or girls that are selfish wanting to claim him. Ethan does care about Jill, but he feels embarrassed when she flirts with him or kisses him.

Sakura Haruno: Ethan's partner during his time in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Sam: ideas open

Alura: ideas open

Kakashi Hatake: He was Ethan's mentor and fellow agent during his time in S.H.I.E.L.D.

Tony Stark/Iron Man: ideas open

Megaman X: ideas open

Captain America: Ethan has great respect for Cap for his heroism and what he did during WWII.

Hawkeye: Hawkeye is one of Ethan's friends when he and Ethan used to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and shares a friendly rivalry with him.

Black Widow: ideas open

Thor: ideas open

Black Cat: ideas open

Phil Coulson: ideas open

Tracy Tennyson: ideas open

Tracy Phantom: ideas open

Kei: ideas open

Yuri (a person's name): ideas open

Erza Scarlet: She sees Ethan as a honorable fighter and sweet gentleman. He sometimes reminds her of Natsu's childish behavior, but has a crush on Ethan and gets jealous when another girl gets too close to him. She can also be overprotective of him when it comes to fangirls or girls that are selfish wanting to claim him.

Seiya Kou/Sailor Star Fighter: She/He sees Ethan as a somewhat friendly rivalry and has a crush on him.

BlackWarGreymon: ideas open

Princess Kitana: ideas open

Jade: ideas open

Bumblebee: ideas open

Blitz: ideas open

Justin Stewart/Blue Ranger: ideas open

Sam/Omega Ranger: ideas open

Gibson: ideas open

Gaara: ideas open

Temari: When they first meet, both of them had a difficult time to understand each other. Temari had a hard time to figure out Ethan and his strategy in combat while Ethan had some time figuring out Temari and her strategy of dealing opponents in battle.

Kankurō: ideas open

A/Fourth Raikage: ideas open

Killer Bee: ideas open

Darui: ideas open

C: ideas open

Samui: ideas open

Karui: ideas open

Omoi: ideas open

Mei Terumī: ideas open

Ōnoki: ideas open

Tsunade: ideas open

Naruto Uzumaki: ideas open

Daisy Sarutobi: ideas open

Timon: ideas open

Pumbaa: ideas open

Bugs Bunny: ideas open

Daffy Duck: ideas open

Mizore Shirayuki: She shares some rivalry with the girls Ethan is with, she was surprised when she saw him use Ice Style jutsus it increased her fascination in him even more and thinks of him as her beloved husband. Ethan is rather surprised by Mizore when she spies on him with the other girls he's with and feel a little disturbed by stalker like crush.

Moka Akashiya: ideas open

Inner Moka Akashiya: ideas open

Tsukune Aono: ideas open

Kurumu Kurono: ideas open

Yukari Sendo: ideas open

Zelthia (My OC): ideas open

YunYun: ideas open

Canaan: ideas open

Korra: Korra is a big fan of his and wants to meet him in person since he became her inspiration of being a strong and tough hero. She also seems to think Ethan is attractive that he is shy especially when it comes to girls and he is easy going on making girls' life easy that any of them would kill for a guy like him. Ethan thinks Korra is a very kind girl with a big heart and is impressed by her abilities of mastering the four elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) and gives her respect of being the Avatar.

Regina: She does find Ethan very attractive and well body fit at his young age. At first she thought he was normal that he was unarmed and defenseless from danger until she saw first hand he was far more than normal. Ethan did find her as attractive friend, but he doesn't like being treated as someone incapable of his or herself until he was able to prove to her that he is far more than capable of defending himself.

Gail: ideas open

Rick: ideas open

Hakufu Sonsaku: ideas open

Koukin Shuuyu: ideas open

Ryomou Shimei: She does find Ethan very cute and well body fit at his youth, sometimes when she gets a sense of deja vu on seeing him embarrassed reminds her of herself during her times with Saji. She is curious to solving the enigma aura that surround him wondering what is about him that draws her to him. Sometimes most of his personalities reminds her too much of Hakufu's except not being stupid only instead being silly in most cases. She holds rivalry with the girls that Ethan's with mainly Alphard who reminds her of Ryofu. Overall she loves his smile and the warmth she can feel around him. He does care about her and likes her but only sees her as a friend.

Kan'u Unchou: She finds Ethan an interesting and curious individual, other besides being handsome, well body tone in his youth, most of his personality reminds her of Ryuubi's. She shares rivalry with the girls that Ethan's with. She often fantasizes about Ethan doing intimate things with her on numerous occasions. Despite the fact Ethan is okay with her being around, he does mention that she creeps him out a little sometimes.

Ukitsu: ideas open

Rock: ideas open

Benny: ideas open

Dutch: ideas open

Bella (:iconhynageneral:'s OC): Ethan's new friend who he finds humorous for her jokes and outgoing personality, though surprised that she always seems to hang out with the bad guys, he tries to behave civil with her friends even though some can be his enemies.

King Candy/Turbo (Wreck it Ralph): Ethan tries to be civil with, despite his split personality and form changes between King Candy and Turbo. He Finds King Candy a bit over bubbly and cheerful and Turbo to be a prideful jerk, but he tries to be patient with them for Bella's sake due to her dating him.

Neutral (neither friends or enemies):

Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto: ideas open

Byakuya Kuchiki: ideas open

Renji Abarai: ideas open

Kenpachi Zaraki: ideas open

Yachiru Kusajishi: ideas open

Toshiro Hitsugaya: Toshiro has little patience for Ethan with his constant goofing off and joking. Despite this he does have a growing respect for Ethan's skill in fighting and thinks there's a chance he could be a captain of the Soul Society.

Rangiku Matsumoto: ideas open

Mayuri Kurotsuchi: ideas open

Nemu Kurotsuchi: ideas open

Jushiro Ukitake: ideas open

Rukia Kuchiki: ideas open

Retsu Unohana: ideas open

Isane Kotetsu: ideas open

Sajin Komamura: ideas open

Tetsuzaemon Iba: ideas open

Soifon: She tends to get very angry and annoyed by Ethan's smartmouth, making jokes, wisecracking attitude and taking her words literally that is a figure of speech when not taking things seriously, sometimes she often sees her former mentor in his place whenever some of his personality reminds her of her mentor's. She finds it hard to believe he claims himself as the "Ultimate Lifeform" or "Human and Saiyan hybrid". When in a serious battle she has deepest respect in his fighting prowess, ability to control time & space and speed that could match hers and her mentor's knowing those potential of his could have become a benefit in the Stealth Force on the Soul Society. Ethan sometimes gets on Sui-Feng's nerves at times and sometimes takes her sarcastic comments literally. However he does have great respect for her and her skills.

Marechiyo Ōmaeda: ideas open

Ryofu Housen: ideas open

Chinkyuu Koudai: ideas open

Genpou Saji: ideas open

Revy: Ethan doesn't seem to agree with a lot of Revy's methods when it comes to handling certain situations. He finds her tendency to only use brute force on anyone regardless of alignment disturbing. She in turn can't stand his tendency to criticize her judgment and tries to prove she's better than him in every sense. She hates the fact that he makes a fool out of her. But deep down the two realize that they are a lot more alike.


Alphard Alshua: Ethan's relationship with Alphard is a 'reluctant romance'. Alphard has a crush on him the moment she saw his escapades. But he doesn't trust her considering she's a criminal. She can be persistent on wanting claim Ethan, wants him on her side because of his potential, doesn't carry no grudges against him, doesn't view him as a threat that needs to be killed because he is too much fun and interesting, knowing that they are destined to meet and continue the confrontations forever. Similar of a Joker and Batman (especially from Batman Arkham: Origins) kind for example, she can act harsh to him, but he could not notice that Alphard does have an soft side in the inside. Like a tsundere, and makes sure that anyone (particular other girls like Zoey, Erza, Aqua, Mizore Shirayuki or other girls that have love interest in him) doesn't get in her way to get what she wants. She will not tolerate if any of his enemies tries to kidnap or kill him.

Liang Qi: ideas open

Cummings: ideas open

Match: ideas open

Jirobo: ideas open

Kidomaru: ideas open

Sakon and Ukon: ideas open

Tayuya: Tayuya wants more than anything to make Ethan hers and she'll do anything to accomplish this even if she has to use genjutsu. He feels annoyed and disturbed by her actions.

Kimimaro: ideas open

Azula: Azula had a huge grudge against Ethan for many years. She wants to get revenge on him for having humiliating her on a battle in front of the ENTIRE Fire Nation and putting a clown make up on her face and sending her photo with that make up to the entire world. She will do any means to destroy Ethan, even if it means by melting his heart with her fire wrath.

Mirage: When Ethan met Mirage for the first time, he was very scared and frightened around her due to his fear of savage cats and felines. But Ethan became even more scared when Mirage feel in love with him and wanted him to be her husband. He even screamed in panic when she kissed him on the lips. Since that day, he's been having nightmares about her.

Mechanicles: ideas open

Hyperion: ideas open

Fuka: Fuka has been attracted by Ethan by the first time the two met and she fell in love with him. She will do whatever it takes to make Ethan her beloved. Even if it means by killing the rest of the Ultimate Defenders in a painful way.

Fuen: ideas open

Fudō: ideas open

Red Skull: Ethan hates the Red Skull due to his lust for power and how he had plans to make HYDRA rule over everything. His hatred increased when the Red Skull tried stealing Captain America's body to continue on with his plans. Red Skull seems interested in Ethan's powers and wishes to have them for his own purposes.

MODOK: ideas open

Dracula: He plans to drink Ethan's blood in order to make him invisible and all powerful so the vampires could rule the Earth at his command.

Butch: ideas open

Cassidy: ideas open

Loki: Because of him wanting to rule Asgard and willing to kill his brother and father in order to make it happen, Ethan despises Loki because of his selfish and power mad ways. However he does seem to show some form of sympathy for Loki since he was always overlooked. Loki sees Ethan as a nuisance that hinders his plans for ruling Asgard and trying to destroy Thor and Odin.

Starscream: ideas open

Lugnut: ideas open

Blitzwing: ideas open

Lockdown: ideas open

Evil Ethan: ideas open

Charles "Chuckie" Sol: ideas open

Buzz Bronski: ideas open

Salvatore Valestra: ideas open

Valina: ideas open

Mandarin: ideas open

Chameleon: ideas open

Baron Zemo: ideas open

Arnim Zola: ideas open

Demona: At first Ethan trusted her and thought of her as a friend, but when she betrayed him he thinks of her as nothing more than a traitor and enemy

Bane: ideas open

Sinestro: ideas open

Jim Moriarty: ideas open

Bolivar Trask: ideas open

Colonel Moss: ideas open

Sabretooth: ideas open

Konan: ideas open

Deidara: ideas open

Hidan: ideas open

Kisame Hoshigaki: ideas open

Kakuzu: ideas open

Nagato aka Pain: ideas open

Sasori: ideas open

Itachi Uchiha: ideas open

Zetsu: ideas open

Tobi aka Obito Uchiha: ideas open

Mr. Freeze: ideas open

Silver Samurai: ideas open

Metal Sonic: ideas open

Hades: ideas open

Joker: ideas open

The Red Hood (Jason Todd): Since the day Batman told stories about him, Ethan became very angry and considered Jason to be nothing more than a monster. However, his anger against him has risen even more after he had seen all the people The Red Hood had killed and/or injured. Jason Todd has also got bitter and jealous due to the fact that Ethan Tidwell will become another Batman and he even swore vengeance on both Ethan and Bruce for taking away what "should" have been his. The two became bitter enemies ever since that day.

Faora-Ul: Ethan hates Faora-Ul because of her beliefs about humans and the actions she takes to show this belief. Faora however sees Ethan as the perfect subject towards Kryptonian evolution and she'll do anything to make him hers and bear his child even if it means taking by force.

Maleficent: ideas open

Mozenrath: ideas open

Jafar: ideas open

Miss Mirimoto: ideas open

Kinshu: He thinks of Ethan as nothing but a nuisance to him and despises him for ruining his chances to be with beautiful girls like Mizore, Korra, Mina, Rei, Kara, Delilah and Erza.

Sportsmaster: ideas open

Anna Williams: ideas open

Bullseye: ideas open

Hunter J: She had a great vendetta against Ethan Tidwell as long as she could remember. She even hopes in one day, to prove that her Pokemon are much more faster, stronger and smarter than Ethan's and also to capture his Pokemon to sell them at the highest offers. J will do whatever it takes to settle the score with Ethan.

Madara Uchiha: He shows interest in Ethan's power, abilities and his status as the "Ultimate Lifeform" and see if his ultimate power can match against the power of god.

Sōsuke Aizen: Aizen has a particular interest in Ethan's powers and he'll try anything to find a way to replicate them. Whether Ethan is dead or alive, Aizen will discover how to fully replicate his powers.

Szayelaporro Granz: ideas open

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez: For Grimmjow, he sees Ethan, after beholding his skills and power as a worthy adversary.

Ulquiorra Cifer: ideas open

Tier Halibel: Ever since she came back to life by mysterious ways, Tier Halibel has been wandering around Earth for a long time in search for a new purpose in her life. However, when some people began making fun of her by calling her "freak" and "monster" and throwing tomatoes at her, she got enraged and wanted to kill them all. However, Ethan's words reasoned with her and she suddenly had a change of heart. Tier also fell in love with Ethan after he kissed her on the check.

Emilou Apacci: ideas open

Franceska Mila Rose: ideas open

Cyan Sung-Sun: ideas open

Superwoman: ideas open

Doctor Edward Kirk: ideas open

Kakouen Myosai: ideas open

Genjou Kakouton: ideas open

Zeltrax: ideas open

Rito Revolto: ideas open

Queen Beryl: ideas open

Malachite: ideas open

Piedmon: ideas open

MetalSeadramon: ideas open

Puppetmon: ideas open

Machinedramon: ideas open

Turles: ideas open

Captain Hook: ideas open

Vicious aka Iron-Masked Marauder: ideas open

Copy X: ideas open

Oroku Saki/Shredder: ideas open

Shere Khan: ideas open

Dr. Facilier/Shadow Man: ideas open

Pete: ideas open

Zentrix: ideas open

Prince Olympius: ideas open

Note: If you have any ideas, let me know.
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:evillaugh: Like it said, Happy Halloween to everyone! :pumpkin:
I've been thinking about doing an ally group for any hero groups in :icondragonprince18:'s Majestic Guardians/Ultimate Defenders/:icondark-warrior95:'s Warriors of Light continuity.

Base: Seireitei in the Soul Society (Bleach)

City: Malibu

Founder/Leader: Soifon (Bleach)- The headstrong leader who tends to be very violent when she's angry and can be very strict. After her reunion with Ethan, Soifon forms her own group to assist him and other hero groups around the world.


1. Toshiro Hitsugaya (Bleach; second-in-command)- Toshiro is the no nonsense and strict second-in-command, with a loyal heart. Despite his strictness he follows orders well and watches out for the group.

2. Tsukune Aono (Rosario Vampire)- Formerly a human now a boy with the powers of a vampire. He's ready to help defend lives, including that of his lover Moka.

3. Moka Akashiya (Rosario Vampire)- Moka Akashiya is the beautiful vampire daughter of Issa Shuzen. She's willing to do anything to help her new group and her lover, Tsukune. Moka's inner self however is a bit more distant from the group and tends to clash with Soifon.

4. Toph Beifong (Avatar: The Last Airbender)- Toph may be blind, but she is one of the groups powerhouses. Though sometimes she can be a bit rebellious and sarcastic.

5. Elfman Strauss (Fairy Tail)- Elfman is one of the biggest members of the group with an even bigger heart. He has a lot of protectiveness for the group. Although his ego can sometimes annoy the rest.

6. Samui (Naruto Shippuden)- Samui is generally very quiet unless she's otherwise addressed and always fights for the right. She shows the most respect towards Soifon and Toshiro.

7. Shino Aburame (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)- Shino's very quiet and reserved at times, but he does step in when needed.

8. Shiryuu Chou-un (Ikkitousen series)- Shiryuu is one of the kindest and loyalist members of the group.

9. Robert/Cumba (My Dragon Ball Z OC)- Robert may be secretive sometimes but he does care for others.


Albert/Malabar (My Dragon Ball Z OC)- ideas open

Allen/Pintur (My Dragon Ball Z OC)- ideas open
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:evillaugh: Like it said, Happy Halloween to everyone! :pumpkin:

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